Indian wedding wishes

Indian wedding wishes:Here is top best indian wedding wishes,Thanks for reading this article.I hope you’ll find best results from us.

Indian wedding wishes:

Fill your marriage with the right ingredients:
A cup of romance
A tablespoon of humor
A gallon of love
And a pound of respect and trust.
May you have a happy marriage!

“Today two people become one. It doesn’t mean she gives up everything to become you, or he gives up all for her. It means balance. If you remember this, you will always be happy.”


Congratulations on your wedding! May you find happiness and love in each other.

“Its amazing to think how souls find their way back home to one another through lifetimes. We see a true match made in haven in you two. What you have is not ordinary. Please never take it for granted. Take good care of each other. Congratulations!” Indian wedding wishes

love indianwish

May your love grow with each passing day and you guys have a blissful married life. Many congratulations.A wedding day is a joyous occasion, and only the first of many you will share as a couple. May every day of your marriage be filled with joy, good luck, and good health. Wishing you the best of marriage. Indian wedding wishes

A big congratulations on reaching this lovely milestone of conjugal bliss. We pray that favour and luck may follow you all the days of your union.Congratulations!

A big congratulation from us Happy married life.

Indian wedding wishes great wishes from us again



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